It is not a price error although it may seem like it: this 50″ 4K TV costs less than 300 euros on Amazon


Amazon has gone all out this Black Friday, and to begin with it has advanced practically all of its offers, and there are several that stand out above the rest because of the devices they affect or because the price is incredibly low.

A perfect deal deserves to enter that category if you have to change your television, and Amazon sells a 50-inch Hisense 4K at a price that’s hard to believe: only 286 euros. It is not a price error: it costs less than 300 euros and measures 50 inches.

Until very recently, a TV with these characteristics could easily cost 400 or 500 euros.but here we add the fact that 4K televisions are becoming cheaper with a crazy offer that Amazon maintains.

With a 50″ panel and 4K resolution, this television surprises above all for its low price and for having Dolby Vision.

Although like all Black Friday sales they are expected to last until Cyber ​​Monday, next Monday, this is always subject to a number of stock units. That means any offer can sell out at any time.

Another point in favor is that Amazon offers free shipping on this order to any point in Spainso in a very short time you will be able to have your brand new television at home and without paying a cent more.

Of course, as always, Amazon Prime users have somewhat faster shipping, in just one or two days from the purchase, although it largely depends on the number of orders that the store has to manage these days, which does not They will be few.

A giant screen, Dolby Vision and gaming mode

Among the features of the Hisense 50A6K that Amazon has on offer and which is already positioned as one of the best sellers on Black Friday, it stands out, for example, that it has a game mode, designed to take advantage of the possibilities of PS5 or Xbox.

The operating system is VIDAA, developed by Hisense, a small drawback, although it must be said that for now it is working well on their latest televisions.

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It has Dolby Vision and integrates Alexa as a virtual assistant, so without having to have a Firestick you will be able to use voice commands to change applications or series without having to press buttons.

For the 286 euros What it costs, it is absolutely impossible to find another television now, if not better, that at least has a screen the same size as this one.

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