It’s Time for Proffee! After Dalgona, Protein Coffee Is the Go-To Drink & Social Media Users Are Purely Obsessed With the Post-Workout Nutritious Source, Here’s the Recipe (See Pics & Videos)

The COVID-19 pandemic has given us many trends. With people significantly spending more time indoors and on their phones, there are different trends taking up the internet each day. However, not all content go viral. Especially in terms of food and drinks, we have seen a couple of easy and delicious recipes for netizens to make at home and enjoy. Dalgona coffee was one such drink that attracted eyeballs from the world. And this year, it is Proffee. This latest viral coffee trend has taken up social media by storm. It’s a protein coffee and a go-to drink for social media users who are now purely obsessed with the post-workout nutritious source. How to make it? In this article, we will check out some viral pictures and videos of Proffee and check out the recipe to make the drink.

A good part of the year 2020 was spent at home trying to get the perfect picture of the frothy dalgona coffee. It was so viral that the top most-searched recipes as per Google’s Year in Search 2020 involved the visually appealing dalgona coffee. However, the trend is yesterday. People just found a better and healthy alternative, Proffee, which is basically nothing but a combination of a protein shake and coffee. The drink first appeared on TikTok, and got immensely viral, before spilling all over to Instagram and other social media platforms. Everyone is posing with their cup of proffee, and sharing the post-workout recipe.

The drink has received massive attention from fitness enthusiasts all over the world. The trend promises a healthier alternative to coffee and keeps you full for a longer period. And for others, well, they are just enjoying the drink and the trend.

Proffee Is Here!

Post-Workout Drink

Watch Video of How to Make Proffee

Netizens Are Purely Obsessed With Profee

A Healthy Alternative

Here’s Another Video:

What is Proffee and How to Make it?

Proffee is basically protein coffee and it is not new. Many people have been adding espresso to the protein shakes for years. The combination is a natural fit who wants the benefits of both. But made its way to the trend only recently. Some of the most popular methods involve getting espresso from Starbucks in a large cup of ice, and then pouring a bottled protein shake directly in.

How to make it? Make your regular cup of coffee, and then mix in the protein shake. You can also use protein powder in small quantities, blend it well and avoid adding extra sugar to keep the drink healthy. Tada, your delicious proffee is ready.

If you enjoy rich coffee drinks, but are looking for a less sugar alternative, proffee is the best recipe to try. It also provides nutrients, if you are too busy for breakfast.

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