joins Microsoft to lead AI research team

joins Microsoft to lead AI research team

The news of the weekend is undoubtedly the unexpected dismissal of Sam Altman, until two days ago CEO of OpenAI. But 24 hours later there was news that they were negotiating with Altman himself to be able to rejoin his position. A situation that in the end is not going to happen, since Microsoft’s own CEO has expressed the new path that Sam Altman is going to follow.

We must keep in mind that until now Microsoft and OpenAI had a very important agreement to be able to provide their GPT API to give life to Bing Chat or Copilot. Given this fact, Satya Nadela has expressed his commitment to the new OpenAI board, but has also announced that both Sam Altman and Greg Brockman, co-founder of OpenAI, They have signed for Microsoft.

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Sam Altman moves to “competition” at Microsoft

It has been through a publication in X where the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadela, has reported that the two directors fired from OpenAI They are abruptly going to “lead a new advanced AI research team.”

With this information we are seeing how OpenAI could have made a big mistake by losing one of its great assets (as they have indirectly recognized by wanting to rescue it). But Microsoft has seen this dismissal as a great opportunity to take a great asset into its ranks.

And although at first they make it clear that the agreement maintained with Microsoft remains intact, yes emphasizes the signing of both Sam Altman and Grefg Brockman. This last name may be somewhat less unknown but he is one of the founders of OpenAI and who had the same fate as Sam Altman.

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With this move, Microsoft hopes to be independent in terms of artificial intelligence, when it now depends on OpenAI. Without a doubt, the plan has turned out really well for the company that The great asset has been taken to have great artificial intelligence similar to ChatGPT in the future. We will have to see in the future the changes that are ventured with this signing.

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