Kim Ji Soo Faces Twin Charges of Sexual Assault & School Violence, Fans Express Disappointment on Twitter Following Allegations on the South Korean Actor

Popular South Korean drama actor, Kim Ji Soo, who is known for some of the most outstanding roles in K-movies, like Strong Girl Bong Soon, My First First Love, Moon Lovers, River Where the Moon Rises, and more, has been accused of serious allegations. According to reports, the South Korean actor faces twin charges of sexual assault and school violence by his former classmate. An online post, by an anonymous user, who claims to be Ji Soo’s classmate from Seorabeol Middle School between 2006 and 2008, noted that the actor was a ‘delinquent’ and a bully during his school years. Ji Soo was also accused of being a ‘womaniser’ and sexual perpetrator. Seeing the allegations on the headlines, fans have taken to Twitter to express disappointment in their favourite actor.

According to tabloid Soompi, Ji Soo took advantage of his big build and bullied fellow classmates using various means of physical and verbal violence. It did not only end there. The person went on alleging how Ji Soo and other delinquents in the group had made it so difficult for them to continue schooling. “My ordinary middle school life turned into horror itself,” said the user, as quoted by various media outlets. The user added that they find it repulsive that a perpetrator of school violence, bullying, and treating people in such a vicious manner, is now pretending to be kind and living off the popularity that comes with it.

After the accusatory post surfaced online, many other users, who claimed to be Ji Soo’s former high school classmates, accused him of sexual violence. Another user called the actor a “womaniser,” in his school days and alleged that he filmed himself having intercourse with a middle school student in a bathroom and shared the video with his group of bullies. The accusations came in as a shock for Ji Soo’s followers, who admires his acting skills and on-screen presence. Even though, the Korean actor took to social media to apologise; fans expressed disgust and disappointment over the actor’s alleged cruel behaviour in his school days.

Here’s Ji Soo’s Apology:

River Where the Moon Rises Dropped the Actor

Fans Are Shocked!

There Was and There Is No Excuse to His Behavior

Fans Want the Actor to be Accountable

Fans Dissapointed

Extremely Shocking to Fans

As of now, the makers of the Korean drama, River Where the Moon Rises, have reportedly cancelled the episode, which was supposed to air on March 4, and also officially dropped the actor, in light of Ji Soo’s school violence controversy. The actor’s agency, Keyeast Entertainment, also released a statement noting that they are seriously investigating the matter and require some more time to do their best.

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