Lee Min-Ho, Like Shah Rukh Khan, Doesn’t Like His Heroines With Hair Tied-Up; These Videos Are Proof

Lee Min-Ho, Like Shah Rukh Khan, Doesn't Like His Heroines With Hair Tied-Up; These Videos Are Proof

There’s something about growing up watching Shah Rukh Khan and his movies. You find cinema equivalents from his movies to many real-life events. For example, every time someone tries to propose to anyone, we immediately equate it to how SRK did, or if we have to be friends with someone we do the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai gesture. Yes, they are lame but only those who have watched him grow into this gigantic star and shared his journey will get it. So we don’t think you will be surprised to see us find a commonality between Shah Rukh and Korean drama actor Lee Min-ho. We realised their characters in a few movies are such that they just don’t their heroines with tied-up hair. Let us explain further. Lee Min-ho, Ji Chang-wook, Nam Joo-hyuk – 5 Kdrama Men Who Broke Away From The Typical Romantic Hero Mould in The First Half Of 2022.

We will begin with Shah Rukh Khan, of course! Desi first!

Shah Rukh flirts with Kajol during a mela (Fair) and stops her from tying her hair in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, tries to inappropriately serenade his Chemistry teacher by asking her to keep her hair open in Main Hoon Na and just breaking our heart by doing this for Preity Zinta in Kal Ho Na Ho.

Now coming to our dashing dude, Min-ho is fixated with the open hair of his girls in dramas. He did that to Park Shin-hye in Heirs and to Jun Ji-hyun in Legends Of The Blue Seas. But Kim Go-eun couldn’t care less about his obsession in King: The Eternal Monarch. Only Lee Min-Ho Can Make These 5 Hairstyles Look Sexy, Pictures Are Proof.

We still don’t know what is it with men and the long hair of their girlfriends, this seems to be an obsession for the entire gender. Didn’t even spare the reel-life humans!

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