Lena Hall Responds to Snowpiercer Co-Star Sean Bean’s Comment About Intimacy Coordinators

Lena Hall Responds to Snowpiercer Co-Star Sean Bean’s Comment About Intimacy Coordinators

Actor Sean Bean’s Snowpiercer co-star Lena Hall has responded to his comments that intimacy coordinators “spoil the spontaneity” of a sex scene. Bean made the comments to the UK’s Times Magazine during an interview to promote his latest BBC series, MarriageSean Bean Talks About Sex Scenes in Game of Thrones, Says the Intimacy Coordinators Ruin the ‘Spontaneity’.

“I think the natural way lovers behave would be ruined by someone bringing it right down to a technical exercise, he told the magazine, adding that Hall, with whom he had a number of intimate and nude scenes in Snowpiercer, “was up for anything” because of her “musical cabaret background.”

According to Variety, Bean is best known for his turns as Ned Stark in Game of Thrones and Boromir in The Lord of the Rings trilogy while Hall has starred in numerous Broadway productions, including shows such as Kinky Boots and Cats as well as making on-screen appearances in shows including Girls and All My Children.

In response to Variety’s article covering Bean’s comments, Hall posted an eight-part Twitter thread in which she said: “Just because I am in theater (not cabaret, but I do perform them every once in a while) does not mean that I am up for anything.”

“Seriously does depend on the other actor, the scene we are about to do, the director, and whatever crew has to be in there to film it.”

According to Variety, she also defended Bean, saying: ” He is an awesome actor and made me feel not only comfortable but also like I had a true acting partner in those bizarre scenes. It was us against the world and we were gonna tell that story.

“If I feel comfortable with my scene partner and with others in the room then I won’t need an intimacy coordinator. But if there is any part of me that is feeling weird, gross, over exposed etc., I will either challenge the necessity of the scene or I’ll want an IC (intimacy coordinator).”

Other actors also responded to Bean’s comments, with Westside Story star Rachel Zegler, who tweeted: “intimacy coordinators establish an environment of safety for actors.

“I was extremely grateful for the one we had on WSS. They showed grace to a newcomer like myself + educated those around me who’ve had years of experience. Spontaneity in intimate scenes can be unsafe. Wake up.” Sean Bean Birthday: Not Just Game Of Thrones, The Actor Starred In These Hit Films.

Intimacy coordinators have become increasingly prevalent in film and television following the advent of the #MeToo movement, in which, numerous female actors detailed the uncomfortable and sometimes even unlawful interactions they had experienced on sets. Like stunt coordinators, the job of an intimacy coordinator is to choreograph a scene in a safe and appropriate way.

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