Let Garmin tremble: this Polar sports watch is much cheaper and just as complete

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If you are an athlete and are looking for a watch that measures practically everything and is also cheap, we have good news, and that is that among Amazon’s Black Friday offers there are several models that are quite surprising and that can stand up to the giants in the sector.

One of them is the Polar Ignite 2, a watch designed for running and whose price has temporarily plummeted significantlysince it costs only 130 eurosa considerable discount of nothing more and nothing less than 104 euros.

It is an entry-level model that obviously lacks some functions of the Fenix ​​and other more advanced running watches, but it is very accurate when measuring heart rate, sleep quality, distance or strides, among other things.

This smart watch is designed for athletes, with GPS, heart rate monitor and more than 100 quantifiable exercises.

Not only that, but it has a very fashionable and at the same time tremendously useful feature: a virtual personal trainer who can advise you on training sessions adapted to your capacity, a good way to introduce dynamism into your routine.

There are 130 sports and activities that can be quantified, starting with the most classic ones, but also others such as swimming, boxing or Zumba, to give some examples, although it is already common in all types of watches to expand the range of options.

Although it is first and foremost a sports watch, it synchronizes all notifications from your mobile phone, and also calls, so it has smartwatch functions without being one.

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Its design is simplistic and minimalist to the extreme, something that contrasts with high-end models, which opt for adding all kinds of elements, buttons and metal crowns to differentiate themselves from the competition, but this is not the case with the Ignite 2.

The discount that Amazon offers is obviously temporary, and will last until the 28th, which is when the Black Friday offers on Amazon end.. It is also possible that the stock will run out before that date arrives, so if the offer convinces you, it is better to hurry up and not wait.

Shipping is free whether you have an Amazon Prime account or not, a common condition when an order exceeds 35 euros, although for Prime users the delivery is much faster and the normal thing is that it does not even arrive 24 hours after ordering. buys.

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