Life-Changing Journey of Dr Gajendra Purohit – Tutor turned into Youtuber

A supremely talented person, Dr Gajendra Purohit, is a well-establish tutor of higher-level Mathematics. Coming from a village near Pratapgarh, Gajendra made his way up through his immense skills and intelligence. Dr Gajendra Purohit started teaching mathematics to students in 2004. He mostly took tuition classes and taught higher-level mathematics to high school, college, and PhD level students. His students adore him, and he is commonly known as GP Sir among the masses. It has been more than two decades since he is teaching students at both online and offline platforms. At present, Dr Purohit is a director in one of the most well-known universities in Udaipur, Pacific College of Basic & Applied Sciences. GP sir has effectively passed CSIR-NET Mathematics as well as was bestowed a PhD in Mathematics in the year 2009.

Dr Gajendra Purohit is widely known as a tutor on YouTube. His channel is quite popular and is arguably the best and only tutor for higher mathematics in Udaipur. GP Sir began his own YouTube Channel, where he taught students to crack CSIR-NET mathematics virtually. He has more than 4,52,000 subscribers on YouTube, and he has received more than 30 million views on his educational videos. Gajendra has accomplished a lot from an incredibly young age and is still inspiring people to become a master in their own field. His skills have no bounds, and this is what makes him such a humble personality and a superb mentor.

His YouTube channel, named ‘Dr Gajendra Purohit’ has progressively gained a lot of attention where students respect and admire him enormously for his thorough level of teaching as well as the practical implementation of mathematics subject. Remarkably, he has a spiralling success rate on YouTube, where 95% of students have visibly passed GATE, SET, PGT, IIT-JAM, PhD Entrance, NBHM, and other advanced mathematics exams by watching and learning from his videos on YouTube. Free of cost videos are available to students in India and beyond so that they can learn anytime and anywhere and apply GP Sir’s methods to pass their exams. Students have enthusiastically texted and commented on YouTube to ask questions related to

mathematics and how to crack CSIR-NET mathematics successfully and without any pressure to get good grades in advance or entrance exams. Additionally, they let him know about their results and marks achieved and recommend their friends about his videos so that they can also benefit from the same. His videos cover various topics and themes related to mathematics and practical solutions. There are numerous videos on short tricks and tips to solve questions of mathematics. 847,000 is the highest number of views Dr Gajendra Purohit received on his mathematics videos. He has over 30 million on his videos on YouTube related to mathematics. Moreover, GP Sir has now more than 4.5 Lakh subscribers on YouTube, which is a great accomplishment in itself! Along with his successful content on YouTube, GP Sir also has a bold presence on online education platforms such as Unacademy and Snapsolve, where he teaches for 60 hours and 25 hours, respectively. He started teaching on Unacademy in 2019 and has helped over 200 students under his wing who have successfully passed CSIR-NET mathematics. Dr Gajendra is a top educator on Unacademy. Furthermore, the tutor is intensely familiar with teaching CSIR-NET Mathematics in Udaipur and beyond. Presently, he has 25,000 followers on Unacademy.

GP Sir has been a motivation to a lot of people, and he is now a master in his field because he followed his passion and never looked back. His only goal is to reach as many students as possible and help them achieve tremendous success in mathematics subject. GP Sir has never had and never will fail to inspire each one of us!

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