Manthan Dudeja From India Is Giving the Youth Major Self-Development Goals

The concept of self-development does not only mean developing such skills which help you advance your career but also using past information to acquire new knowledge to constantly learn throughout one’s lives.

Today most people acquire theoretical knowledge before skills and don’t really acquire any new skill from whatever they develop in their jobs, this continues for years after which a person gains retirement, this is not the ideal attitude for self development. Self development happens when one constantly seeks to acquire new skills from the past, these skills are what sets apart a usual job holder to a CEO who is always looking to learn new things.

One such young CEO, digital marketer, tech blogger is Manthan Dudeja, belonging to the Karnal region of Haryana, Manthan currently resides in California, USA and is currently pursuing graduation in computer sciences at the California State University.

The level of expertise that Manthan had acquired in his work is testimony from the fact that he became the editor of dozens of tech blogs like, Atechwebsite, Tech World Zone and TechCrack at a very young age.

Since childhood Manthan was fascinated with games and gadgets, this interest intensified in school and then he went ahead to do app/programming, website development and blogging. Manthan also believed in self learning by practical hit and trials who has helped him in standing apart from the crowd of individuals who always want to be taught.

Talking about this, Manthan explains,” I have always been a self learner and I believe that is how children should go about in their lives, they should be left open to understand things themselves, the problem with our education is that we spoon-fed everything to our students and when they go out and about to apply this knowledge, then they are acquainted the various facets of life which is extremely helpful in self development and growth, one must develop relevant skills to keep up with the trends”.

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