Meet Arjun Dhingra: A Natural Entrepreneur With A Passion For Leadership

Arjun Dhingra has always known his destiny was to one day run a business. In elementary school he ran trading card rings of baseball cards and Garbage Pail Kids cards. He facilitated deals and created collections between himself and the other kids on the playground. In high school he and a partner opened a TaeKwon-Do school teaching 100 students 5 days a week. Business is a way of life for Arjun. Achieving a degree in business was more of a formality than a necessity. Entrepreneurship was always on the horizon, and he knew his passion for people, solutions, and leadership would guide him there.

Arjun offers mortgage lending services that offer the home buyer confidence and fewer setbacks. With as successful as he has become, Arjun admits he didn’t choose this path—instead, he fell into it by accident. While he was finishing his senior year of college, he started helping friends collect paperwork for the mortgage operation they were running. He earned $500 for each house he picked up, so Arjun naturally became curious about the industry. He continued to help for a few months until he decided to open a call center operation with his brother. 20 years later, they are still working together bringing people the very best mortgage lending services anyone has to offer.

To gain the trust of his clients, Arjun believes it’s important to treat each one as if they are a unique story. He never approaches them as transactions, but aims to create relationships instead. By putting the needs of his clients at the forefront of his business, Arjun has seen massive client retention and earned referrals from trust gained. “So even through the market crash of 08/09, I worked to serve people and offer real help in a difficult time—even when it benefited me with nothing in the way of revenue or compensation,” he says.

Marketing is key to the success of any business. For Arjun, he has harnessed the power of social media to create brand awareness. He shares across multiple platforms to reach as many users as possible, offering value driven and community-based content. Arjun understands that his audience consists of people with diverse interests. So, to keep people engaged, he offers market updates, mindset approaches, and collaboration pieces. With a variety of content he is able to get people thinking differently about mortgages and marketing in real estate.

Arjun’s focus continues to be on accountability, collaboration, and growth. His “people first” mindset doesn’t stop with his clients. He also wants to see those who work with him grow. Through growth comes accountability and a better way to serve the community. Arjun offers his “Agent University”, with videos on marketing, mindset, and mortgage to help those who work with him grow their brand. 

Arjun still has an active pulse in the martial arts community. He serves as the Team USA’s TaeKwon-Do group national co-head coach, and he has won two gold medals in World Championships.

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