Meet Mohammad Ridoy Also Known as Roshik Dude, a Stand-up Comedian & Musician

Mohammad Ridoy (born September 28, 1998) is an Bangladeshi Stand-up Comedian, Musical Artist, YouTuber. He won the Silver Play Button Award from YouTube in 2016 and the 5th place in the Ha-Show 5 aired on NTV in 2019.

Ridoy was very naughty in his childhood. There is a saying who are naughty in childhood become decent in their adulthood. But this saying was proved false by Ridoy. He has taken the responsibility of making people laugh. Now he is studying in Siddheswari University College. He became fifth in the season fifth of Bangladeshi only Comedy Show Ha Show at NTV. Mynul Islam Tuhin has written about him. Ridoy was a good student in his primary school. But gradually he lost interest from study. Because of being naughty often he was beaten by his teachers. When he was a student of class 9 , he has started this naughtiness on stage by being encouraged by his teachers.

Every Wednesday and Friday he performed in Bangla Vision regularly for making people laugh when he was a student of high School. Moreover he has performed in different programs of BTV, Boishakhi TV. He didn’t think of doing anything except study. But the person who has made him think about this is none other than Abu Hena Rony (Mirakkel Champion) who is his nearest elder brother. Ridoy told that, when he was a student of class 9, he got introduced with this amazing, big hearted person through the OC of Sreepur Thana.

At first Ridoy faced Abu Hena Rony only to meet him and capture photos with him. At their first meeting Rony said, “will you be able to tell jokes like us?” Naughty Ridoy replied, “yes I will”.

His journey starts with the inauguration program of a showroom of Marcel at Magura. Rony handed over the microphone to Ridoy infront of almost 70-75k audiences. Many renowned persons of magura where present there. Starting from that day Ridoy is still working to make people laugh grasping that microphone.

Ha show is the only comedy based program of Bangladesh. Ridoy has gathered different experiences by participatory in Ha-Show. Let’s listen from him.

Ridoy said, “in 2015, I gave audition in Ha show season 3 from Khulna. I thought that I performed well but l didn’t get chance. Then in 2017, I again gave audition in Ha show season 4 from Khulna. That time I also thought that I performed well but I didn’t get the opportunity. After failing for two times I didn’t lose hope.”

This time, in 2019 I gave audition for her shoe season 5 from Khulna zone but didn’t get chance again. I was in waiting list. My position was 40 among 40 participants. At last I achieved 5th position in Ha show season 5.

Ridoy started YouTubing in 2017. At present there are more than 3.25 Lakh members in this YouTube channel. at first he planned to work on different contents where there will be no one’s opinion or correction. He will make video by his own through which people will have fun as well as they will be conscious.

Ridoy did not start YouTubing suddenly. He made first five Videos with proper Planning & then started youtubing. He is now YouTubing with heart & soul. nowadays he is working with Bangladeshi & foreigner companies.

To answer the question of Why did u take the responsibility of making people laugh, Ridoy said”I will make people laugh till that day even when at least one person will b left to listen to me”

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