Meet Tess Garçon; Realtor, Team Lead, and Successful Small-Towner

Tess Garçon is no stranger to hard work. Growing up “in the sticks, in a really small town” gave her the impression that success happened elsewhere. “At 18, I honestly thought my biggest life accomplishment was going to be getting out of that town. I don’t think in my wildest dreams would I have thought as a kid that I would end getting a college degree. I never ever imagined that I would actually be successful, and I certainly never thought I would be leading a team of badass real estate agents.”

But that’s exactly what happened. When Garçon was 19 she had her son Patrick to care for on her own, so she took a stable, if unfulfilling job. But she knew that she could do more for herself and for her son. So when Garçon was 23 she approached the real estate agent who sold her house and asked how she could do the same. Inspired by the flexibility of the realtor’s schedule and excited by the prospect of real estate commissions, Garçon went right to work.

She took a course and passed her realtor exam, which gave her the tools she needed to make a better life for her family. At the time it was just Tess and her young son Patrick, but through the network she built as a realtor she met her husband and then her business partner. “And let me tell you, I thought I had made it back then, but it turns out that was only the beginning.” Garçon went on to build a real estate empire across the United States and have her beautiful daughter, Rylee.

But Garçon wasn’t thinking of national, or even international, reach when she made the decision to become a realtor. “I wasn’t happy with my position in the corporate world. I was limited in time and started to feel like I had a ceiling of income to provide for my family. It was terrifying going from a regular (great sized) paycheck every 2 weeks to commission only. I would lay awake at night, panicking if I had made the right choice or if my family might end up homeless. But I had made my decision, and I knew I had to keep making that choice every day, to show up for myself and my family. Failure was not an option.”

Failure isn’t even in range for Garçon now. “My business partner and I are now running a real estate team of 10 across the state of Colorado, we are partnered with the best company in the world that is allowing us to expand our team nationally and soon to be globally.” Looking for a new place?

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