Miss I Flip Bricks on What Must Be Valued the Most in Real Estate Investment

The only way up is to move upwards. In the case of most success stories, moving up is not a steady linear phase but an up and down process in trying to move forward. What guarantees success is not where a person initially started but how an individual continues to keep on going and trust oneself despite the odds. This is how Miss I Flip Bricks paved her path to success and continuously moves forward with others.

Terry Faiz, the founder of Miss I Flip Bricks, is an active investor in New York and a CEO of her own company. A one-stop-shop for interested individuals looking into residential or commercial real estate investments, Miss I Flip Bricks helps aspiring investors in understanding and finding finance solutions. She also provides commercial and residential off-market deals to beginners or experienced real estate investors in New York City.

Putting a value on the relationships formed throughout the journey, the company stands in its ideals that people do not get rich off a transaction but on relationships formed and valued, most especially on the aspect of a business. Along the journey towards success, people inevitably meet others who are also striving to succeed. These interactions and the bonds formed are essential factors of the continuous movement towards success.

Through the showcase of actual projects, Miss I Flip Bricks motivate people to step out of their comfort zones and build their wealth through investing in real estate. May it be anyone needing finance for residential real estate, distressed properties, or halal financing solutions, people who are longing for success and just need to take the first step by putting their trust in Miss I Flip Bricks.

More than the official transactions availed, the company assures an added value to clients for any utilized services offered by the company. Once again, going beyond business transactions and putting value in the formed relationships with people. Many others end the connection once business transactions are done. But with Miss I Flip Bricks, business is more than that and this is how they are one step ahead of the others.

Currently, the company is set to host a live stream event for aspiring investors, beginners, and even for those with experience investing in real estate to discuss real estate and help others get to know and learn more about the field. The live stream event is scheduled on Friday, March 26, 2021. It will be hosted by Muslims Giving Back, in partnership with Ijara CDC, Halal Fix & Flip, Voro Capital, and Jet Direct Mortgage Bank.

Emphasizing the role of having determination in one’s journey towards success, they help clients understand that anything is possible as long as one perseveres in pursuing a path and one educates oneself on the path he/she is going to take. The path to success may be rocky, but as long as people learn how to network with the right individuals, those who have the same mindset and values, their brand and reputation, people will inevitably achieve their goals.

With a vision of a self-automated platform allowing investors to virtually purchase properties and rehab them without leaving their homes, Miss I Flip Bricks continues to help investors build their own wealth, eventually creating harmonious partnerships with the leading investors of tomorrow.

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