Mumbai: Civic Hospital Doctors Save Worker’s Life by Surgically Removing Steel Rod From Chest

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Mumbai, August 7: The doctors of a city-based civic hospital saved the life of a 22-year-old worker, who had suffered a critical injury after a steel rod pierced through his chest following a fall from a tree.

The doctors of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation-run Bhabha Hospital in Bandra here recently performed a complicated surgery on the worker and removed the broken steel rod that had got stuck in his chest, an official said. Karnataka: Lord Krishna Idol Surgically Removed From Man’s Food Pipe After He Swallows It Along With Holy Water.

The incident had occurred in the morning of July 26 in Bandra, when the worker was doing some work after climbing on the tree, he said. He fell from the tree after losing his balance and landed on the fence of a building compound. A sharp steel rod pierced through his chest and a broken piece remained inside, he said, adding that the worker was rushed to Bhabha Hospital for treatment.

“At the hospital, it was found that the steel rod had not damaged his lungs, but a rib was broken,” a doctor said. A team of doctors comprising Vinod Khade, Amit Desai and Shraddha Mone, then decided to perform a surgery on the worker immediately. After an hour-long procedure, the steel rod was removed from his chest, he said.

To avoid internal bleeding near his lungs and heart after removal of the steel rod, the doctors inserted the intercoastal tube. Post-surgery, the worker was kept in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital, he said, adding that after the recovery, he was shifted to the general ward.

“After a stay of more than one week, the worker recovered from the injuries and was discharged from the hospital. The patient has been advised to take rest for two weeks,” the doctor said.

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