Mumbai Shocker: 57-Year-Old Bandra Resident Goes Nude on Video Call With Woman, Gets Duped of Rs 2 Lakh After Being Blackmailed

Mumbai Shocker: 57-Year-Old Bandra Resident Goes Nude on Video Call With Woman, Gets Duped of Rs 2 Lakh After Being Blackmailed

Mumbai, June 17: In a shocking incident, a senior executive working with a housing finance company was duped to the tune of Rs 2.06 lakh after he received a sextortion call. Police officials said that the victim received a call from a man who claimed to be a cop from the Delhi Crime Cell.

According to a report in the Times of India, the unidentified person allegedly demanded money from the executive in order to protect him from being arrested for uploading his nude videos on social media. After being duped, the executive approached the Bandra police and registered an against the unidentified person. Mumbai Shocker: Police Constable Kills Nurse With Whom He Had ‘Illegitimate Affair’, Roams With Her Body for 13-14 Hours; Arrested.

In his complaint, the executive said that the unknown person identified himself as Vikram Rathod, a cop from Delhi. The executive claimed that Rathod repeatedly threatened him and demanded more money after extorting Rs 2.06 lakh for not getting him arrested. The victim, a 57-year-old resident of Bandra said that on June 11, he received a WhatsApp message which read ‘interested in video sex’.

After the executive said ‘Yes’, he immediately received a video call from a woman who asked him to undress. As soon as the quinquagenarian agreed, he started receiving calls from unknown numbers who threatened to inform his family about the nude video. The complainant said that the woman caller asked him to get undressed after entering the bathroom.

“He said the woman had no clothes on but her face was not visible in the video call. Immediately, the call got disconnected. Seconds later, the man got another call from a woman who said she had recorded his sex video and threatened to make it viral on social media if he does not pay Rs 81,000.” an officer from Bandra police station said. Kolkata Shocker: 30-Year-Old BPO Executive Gang-Raped by Senior Colleagues After Office Party, Accused Arrested.

Two days later, the complainant received a call from the unidentified man from Delhi Cell who threatened to frame him in a police case. The man asked him to contact a person named Ranvir Gupta in order to avoid getting framed and delete the nude videos. When the complainant called Gupta, he was asked to pay Rs 51,500.

Later, Gupta asked the complainant to pay Rs 51,500 and Rs 1.03 lakh for the multiple videos that were running on different social media links. Cops said that the man filed a complaint when the fraudsters started demanding more money from him.

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