National Chai Day 2022 Date: Know History and Significance of the Day That Celebrates the Flavour of Indian Tea Beverage | 🙏🏻 Fresh Headline

National Chai Day 2022 Date: Know History and Significance of the Day That Celebrates the Flavour of Indian Tea Beverage | 🙏🏻 LatestLY

Chai is not a word, it’s a feeling! The feeling permeates into a beverage that refreshes our mornings and relaxes our evenings. Chai or tea is a sweet Indian beverage that is consumed globally as one of the most common forms of drink. National Chai Day is the celebration of the strong and satisfying tea that is served in homes and cafes in varied forms and flavours. Celebrated on September 21 every year, National Chai Day brings the opportunity to sip and savour your favourite chai without any second thought in mind. So, celebrate the flavourful day by knowing about the date, history and significance of National Chai Day 2022 and indulge in the sweet celebration of the Indian beverage.

National Chai Day 2022 Date

As mentioned above, National Chai Day 2022 will be celebrated on September 21, Wednesday. Also called Masala Chai, the aromatic beverage is prepared with rich flavours and Indian spices that consist of cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and pepper. While hot tea is the most preferred form of chai in India, several other types of tea, such as iced, green or herbal tea, have also gained popularity worldwide. Green or Black Tea for Summers? Quench Your Chai Craving in a Healthy Way To Beat the Heat

National Chai Day 2022 History and Significance

Chai got introduced to the world almost 5,000 years ago as it was created for medicinal purposes and as a special drink for royalty. However, the modern version of chai we know today dates back to the time when the British colonised India and started tea cultivation in the country. Slowly, the beverage was made into a rich form by adding milk and sweetener. Numerous cafes also started selling chai or spiced tea by experimenting with the drink according to the consumers’ tastes. Meanwhile, National Chai Day was founded by Somrus, the world’s first line of Indian liqueurs, in 2018. Since then, the day has been celebrated to create awareness and highlight the importance of chai in today’s world.

People visit cafes or prepare different kinds of Indian chai on National Chai Day. All the chai lovers gather and celebrate the day by sipping Cutting Chai with all their friends and family. Wishes and greetings take precedence on the day that celebrates the most favourite beverage of Indian society. So, ensure that you make the most out of this delightful day by trying some new recipes to prepare tea or just have a cup of your special chai while enjoying the aromatic steam of the creamy, sweet beverage! Happy National Chai Day 2022!

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