National French Fry Day 2022: Chipsi Mayai, Patatje Oorlog – 7 Ways To Enjoy French Fries Around the World | ? Fresh Headline

National French Fry Day 2022: Chipsi Mayai, Patatje Oorlog – 7 Ways To Enjoy French Fries Around the World | ? LatestLY

National French Fry Day 2022 is observed every year on July 13. This day celebrates the staple food that rules in menus of many restaurants worldwide. French fries are deep-fried potatoes and are also known as chips, fries, finger chips, or French fries’ potato. They can be paired with a variety of sauces like ketchup, ranch dressing, vinegar, mayonnaise, honey mustard, cheese and many more and be enjoyed with different spices as well. As you celebrate National French Fries Day 2022, we at Fresh Headline, have curated a list of 7 different ways in which French fries are eaten around the world. How to Make Fries Healthy and Cut Down on Calories.

1. Chipsi Mayai

Chipsi Mayai is basically a French fry omelette which is a popular dish in Tanzania, East Africa. It is a street food where some street vendors prefer adding different vegetables to the dish.

2. Belgian Frites

Belgian Frites are nothing but simple masa fries served with mayonnaise. In Belgian cultures, it is not a side dish but is also enjoyed as an integral standalone dish sold by both restaurants and street vendors.

3. Gyros

In Greece, Pita bread is not all about meat stuffing. Many shops offer an option to add fries to the bread with additional condiments available on the side.

4. Poutine

Poutine is one of Canada’s signature dishes and features fries front, back and centre. It includes crunchy yet soft fries topped with cheese curds and gravy.

5. Patatas Bravas

This dish comes all the way from Spain. Patatas Bravas is nothing but Fries covered in tomato sauce and a white aioli. This dish is every potato lover’s dream.

6. Salchipapas

Salchipapas is a whole new experience of delicious fries you would ever have. It was created in Peru but is enjoyed all throughout Latin America. Salchipapas are fries topped with sliced sausages, ketchup, mayo and hot peppers.

7. Patatje Oorlog

This is one of the most popular Dutch street foods. In the Netherlands, Patatje Oorlog is loved by many. It is regular French fries served with chopped raw onions, peanut sauce (mostly a spicy satay) and Mayo.

French fries are loved by all from kids to adults. They taste amazing with or without any sauce or spices. Here are different types of fries that you can try around the world as you celebrate National French Fries Day 2022.

Wishing everyone Happy National French Fries Day 2022!

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