Nirahua: Bhojpuri Cinema’s Double Meaning Dialogues Will End Now

The double-meaning dialogues in Bhojpuri cinema would now be a thing of the past in the coming future. The artistes from the film industry themselves have become aware of this trend. This has been clarified by none other than celebrated Bhojpuri film actor Dinesh Lal Yadav popularly known as ‘Nirahua’. While talking to IANS, Nirahua said that in the coming days, the double-meaning dialogues of Bhojpuri cinema would come to an end automatically. Bhojpuri Song for Holi 2021 ‘Kamariya Hila Rahi Hai’: Check out the Video of Pawan Singh and Lauren Gottlieb’s Latest Groovy Number.

Earlier, films were made catering to audiences watching movies at film theatres by adding peppy songs to make it a hit film. But now films are being made for the Over-the-top (OTT) and satellite rights platforms. The film would not be released until the UA certificate (unrestricted public exhibition subject to parental guidance for children below the age of twelve) is not given regarding satellite movie rights. Because of this, double-meaning dialogues would have to be done away with. Bhojpuri Star Pawan Singh Lodges FIR in Lucknow Against Professional Rivals over Maligning His Image.

Asked about making Bhojpuri films for a family audience, Nirahua said this phase has started because the films that are telecast on television are viewed by families sitting together. So now, new films are being made keeping this in mind. Asked about the censorship of films, he said that there should be censorship of films and there is a system in place for it. But there is yet no censorship of music albums, they must come under censorship, too.

“After listening to some songs, people feel this is Bhojpuri cinema, but in reality it is a music album. During releasing such music albums, people sing anything and create anything…It is mandatory to censor such albums.” Asked about the training institute for Bhojpuri artistes on the lines of Bollywood, Nirahua said that the Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar government has recently passed a proposal to build a film academy for Bhojpuri and Awadhi cinema. Such a plan is going to be realised in Lucknow or Varanasi.

The children at Lucknow’s Bharatendu Natya Akademi are also entering Bhojpuri cinema. Asked the decline in singers who led Bhojpuri cinema to great heights Nirahua said that when good films are made, then good songs would be created on their own. He appealed to the state governments of UP, Bihar and Jharkhand not to pass songs shot there without censoring so that vulgar stuff does not release in the public domain.

Asked about the Film City going to be set up in Uttar Pradesh, Nirahua said Bhojpuri cinema would get a major boost with setting up of the Film City in Noida. He said Bhojpuri films are made on very low budgets, the film shootings had halted here since the movie theatres remained closed till now. But the UP Chief Minister has provided a subsidy provision. With this, most Bhojpuri films are being shot here.

The actor said there are many advantages of shooting a film in UP. Giving work opportunities to artistes here one can get subsidy as well as provide employment to local artistes. Nirahua said the trend in Bhojpuri cinema is changing. “Now Bhojpuri films with a realistic approach are being made. The films that were being made in the past were mostly fictional. But now what is happening in the society at present, there is a demand for it and films are also being made on the basis of it.”

What is the scope of web series in Bhojpuri? Nirhua said a web series is being made in Bhojpuri as well. “We made a film titled ‘Hero Varrdiwala’ with ALTBalaji’s Ekta Kapoor. Apart from this, a web series is being made with Mahesh Pandey.” Asked about Samajwadi Party Chief Akhilesh Yadav’s ‘Chandajeevi’ comment about the ongoing donation drive for the Ram temple in Ayodhya, Nirahua said the temple is our identity. “It leads to the path of truth to the future generations. We must encourage children to read the Ramayana along at home. With this, one comes to know the essence of the family and character building.

Asked about who has been hindering the development of Purvanchal till now, Nirahua described “time” as an obstacle and said that now the road, water, electricity works are going on in full swing. Purvanchal is now on the path of development. Asked about the farmers’ agitation, The Bhojpuri actor said the Modi government is working in the interest of farmers. He also said Khalistani elements have entered the farmers’ movement. “They are creating anarchy. Will the son of a farmer throw down the tricolour? Freedom fighter Khudiram Bose sacrificed his life for the tricolour. He was also the son of a farmer. No son of a farmer will insult the tricolour.”

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