Noida Twin Tower Demolished: Respiratory Disease Patients May Face Problems Post Demolition, Says Health Expert

Noida Twin Towers Demolition: Apex, Ceyane Towers Come Crashing Down After Use of 3,700 kg Explosives (Watch Video)

New Delhi, Aug 28: Patients suffering from respiratory diseases, especially those residing near the demolition site of twin towers in Noida’s Sector 93-A, may experience a spike in health problems as pollutant particles got mixed in the environment following the fall of the high rises, a health expert said on Sunday.

Interacting with IANS, Jugal Kishore, head of Community Medicine Department, Safdarjung Hospital said that mainly, the patients of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), chronic bronchitis and asthma may experience an attack-like situation, or the problem may even get aggravated.

“Patients who feel this type of situation may increase their medication dose,” he told IANS, adding that those having sore throat and other infection or allergy may use the anti-allergic medicines. Noida Twin Towers Demolition: People with Respiratory Issues Should Avoid Area for Few Days, Say Doctors.

“When such a massive demolition takes place, among other elements, asbestos and the silica along with used gunpowder become the major factors that could cause respiratory problems,” Kishore said. He further said that patients with cardiovascular issues can also experience a spike in the levels of blood pressure. The best way to avoid the problems is to start the medicine as the symptoms start, he said.

“They have used the water sprinkling method to settle the dust mixed in the environment. Even the residents of the neighbouring society may use their own system of water sprinkling. They also can use the air purifier inside the house to avoid such problems,” he told IANS.

“Persons suffering from COPD and other respiratory diseases in the nearby areas must use the N-95 mask while going outside to avoid the dust and the problems,” said Harish Salve, Additional Professor, Centre for Community medicine at Delhi AIIMS.

The demolition has led to higher level of pollutants mixing in the environment which will take another 10-15 days to settle down, and could have direct impact on PM-2.5, said Salve, adding those suffering from asthma and other respiratory problems have the chances of exacerbation of the problems.

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