OK Computer: Radhika Apte, Vijay Varma’s Sci-Fi Show Is the Beginning of a Conversation on AI, Says Anand Gandhi

Filmmaker Anand Gandhi, who shot to fame as writer-director of the globally-acclaimed 2012 release Ship Of Theseus, has scripted and produced the upcoming web series OK Computer. Gandhi says his new effort, about artificial intelligence (AI), explores the “legal frameworks” that have to be put in place between “organic species” and the “cloud-based intelligence system”. He says the advent of AI has changed a lot of things and the series talks about the co-existence of the two. Ok Computer Trailer: Vijay Varma, Radhika Apte’s Intriguing Sci-Fi Comedy To Hit Disney+ Hotstar On March 26.

“We have witnessed, in the last couple of decades, the true potential of computers and AI in our lives, and how it has resulted in a huge number of human enterprises being replaced by computing and AI. By 2040, not only we are going to see AI perform basic tasks for us — like finance, administration and logistics — but we are really going to see AI surpass human imagination,” said Gandhi, who recently released the trailer of his series. Aarya Season 2: Sushmita Sen Begins Shooting for Ram Madhvani’s Disney+ Hotstar Show.

“We are going to see AI surpass human ingenuity, creativity and inventions. The question that’s been lingering around for about a decade has been — how do we reconcile with this new intelligence that we are creating, and how are we going to continue improving it. AI is going to provide us with pools of longevity and wellness. An important question here is what kind of legal frameworks are we going to create around this relationship, between our organic species and this cloud-based intelligence system we have invented?” Anand said.

The filmmaker added that the film is more of an “ice breaker” in terms of starting conversations with the West about the development of AI. “What I am trying to say is that we have seen our peers in the West share great ideas and insights about AI, our future, and what life and living would be like in the future.

That’s very incredible, insightful and inspiring, but we really do want to be a part of the dialogue. We want to speak in that conversation and this is really an ice-breaker. Like my projects in the past, like ‘Ship Of Theseus’, and ‘Tumbbad’, ‘OK Computer’ is also an ice-breaker. It’s just the beginning of a conversation and not the end of the conversation!” he said.

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