PM Modi interacts with craftsmen, shares pictures – FH

New Delhi, Sep 17 (Fresh Headline) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday met several craftsmen at ‘YashoBhoomi’ convention centre here on the occasion of Vishwakarma Puja. 

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), the Prime Minister posted: “India’s artisanal diversity on display at Yashobhoomi.” He also attached photographs of his meetings with the masons, tailors, craftsman and cobblers.

PM Modi on Sunday launched the PM Vishwakarma scheme and emphasised that in future, technology, tools and training will be essential.

“In the near future, training, technology and tools will be very essential. The government will also help you in branding, packaging and marketing the products you make. In return, the government wants you to purchase toolkits from shops that are GST registered only.

Modi, who also inaugurated the international exhibition centre “Yashobhoomi” at Dwarka in the national capital, further said: “Today, the nation has gotten the International Exhibition Centre YashoBhoomi. The kind of work is done here, it displays the penances of my Vishwakarma brothers. I declare this centre to every Vishwakarma of the nation. This is going to be helpful to the Vishwakarmas.

“This will be a vibrant centre to make Indian art and handicrafts reach the global level. This will play a huge role in making local products global… the way the spine is essential in our body, and our Vishwakarma are essential for society. Everyday life is unimaginable without them,” he added.

–Fresh Headline