PMK to protest if Vanniyar reservation delayed, says Dr Ramadoss – FH

Chennai, Sep 17 (Fresh Headline) Vanniyar political party PMK founder-leader Dr S. Ramadoss on Sunday said that protests will be inevitable if the Tamil Nadu government continues to delay the implementation of 10.5 per cent internal reservations for the community.

In a statement here, he said that he expected the state government to get a recommendation from the Tamil Nadu Backward Class department before the next Assembly session and enact legislation guaranteeing internal reservation for Vanniyars.

“In the 69 per cent reservations being implemented in the state, the government must provide a break down of communities in each category, which are represented. It must also release similar data about communities that make up 31 per cent reservations. PMK cannot wait for the internal reservations of Vanniyars for ever.

“Wherever I go, I am asked about the status of the 10.5 per cent reservations for Vanniyars. I don’t have the answer to the question. I cannot control Vanniyar youth for too long and the government has to understand this,” he said.

The PMK leader also said that he had written many letters to Chief Minister M.K. Stalin and also spoken to him several times regarding the matter. He said that Stalin has always reassured that the law regarding Vanniyar reservations would be passed but there were no signs of that.

Dr. Ramadoss also said that when the deadline for the Tamil Nadu Backward Classes panel to provide recommendations giving Vanniyar reservations were extended, the PMK had strongly opposed it.

He warned that he may not be able to control Vanniyar youth for long and that they were waiting to participate in the protests and he too was eager to lead the protests.

–Fresh Headline