Pokemon GO To Release Upgrades; Rolls Out New Updates To Map, Visuals of Game

Pokemon GO To Release Upgrades; Rolls Out New Updates To Map, Visuals of Game

New Delhi, Oct 27: Leading augmented reality (AR) company Niantic has announced updates to the Pokemon Go map.

After three years, Pokemon GO is releasing upgrades to keep offering an experience that unites trainers’ global adventure, the company said.

A visual change will be made to the Pokemon GO map so that it better reflects the actual world. Dog Attack: Amazon Issues ‘Dog Awareness’ Message After Its Driver Allegedly Killed by Dogs in Missouri.

“The map will more accurately reflect the environment, and different Pokemon will appear in a greater variety of places,” the company said.

Following the new update, users will start to notice recent local changes on the map. This can involve the reconstruction of recently built buildings and the elimination of old roads.

Different Pokemon will soon be visible in even more locations than now.

The company also warned users to be aware of their surroundings and follow guidelines from local health authorities when playing the game.

Earlier, the game had come up with an update — 1.191.0 — that allowed iOS users to run the game at higher frame rates. No Layoffs at Twitter: Elon Musk Says Won’t Fire 75% of Staff As He Finalises Deal.

With version 1.191.0, the “advanced settings” section of the app included an option that reads “Unlock your device’s native refresh rate for higher FPS”.

The feature was not limited to the 13 Pro and Pro Max, which are the only iPhones with 120Hz “ProMotion” displays.

It was also possible to unlock the frame rate in an old 8 Plus device, it added.