Polkacity – Earn Passive Income Through the Digital Virtual NFT Assets

With global adoption of virtual reality and cryptocurrencies, the concept of digital or virtual cities is now very popular among urban commentators. Many commentators suggest that digital cities will provide solutions and thus help overcome most social and spatial problems.

In a bid to go beyond the speculation and hype of virtual cities, the team behind Polkacity is pleased to inform about the NFT platform and the introduction of its service offerings for virtual city enthusiasts to “key” into. Polkacity is a unique NFT-based virtual currency investment platform. It combines the highly effective power of Polkadot, DeFi, and NFT to achieve this milestone. The project aims to revolutionize the crypto ecosystem with Augmented Reality and stackable 3D.

The team behind Polkacity has recently completed a public sale after reaching the hard cap. The public sale ended on 21st February. After the public sale, Polkacity has been listed on several reputable exchanges, including Coinbase chart, Uniswap, Bilaxy, CoinGecko, Coinmarketcap, Delta app, Blockfolio, Safepal, Coinstats and Coinbase chart.

On top of that, Polkacity has a Uniswap trade bot protection in their contract. As such, the daily volume of Uniswap reflects 100% real volume. Additionally, Polkacity is developing a unique NFT platform where investors can trade digital NFT assets like hotdog stand, restaurant, disco, hotel, taxi, car wash, and much more.

The NFT platform gives investors the opportunity to generate passive income on a weekly basis depending on the asset type in their portfolio. Plus, the digital assets are tradable on Opensea.

Furthermore, the team intends to launch a 3D and AR NFT platform. The coming months would also see the introduction of a mobile app, BSC integration, SafePal Dapp and Polkadot integration. And listing on top tier CEX exchanges.

About Polkacity

Polkacity is a blockchain-powered virtual currency investment platform with support for contract-based Polkadot, NFT, and DeFi combined. When you are on the Polkacity investment platform, you are sure of a seamless virtual investing experience. At the very least, investors will earn a decent return on their investments by owning virtual gas stations, taxis, as well as other essential services.

Each of these assets guarantee weekly profits, as long as the assets are still in your portfolio. Polkacity’s mission is to innovate the crypto industry with stackable 3D and AR (Augmented Reality). The team aims to combine the cumulative power of the worlds of Polkadot, DeFi, and NFT through a virtual city.

The team behind Polkacity has ample experience in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. The team is ably led by Carmelo Milian, a development expert par excellence with over 30 years’ experience in the Fintech space. Other team members are Fatih Atali, Murad Aliyev, Manuel Leal, and Noah, serving in various capacities like marketing advisor, technology advisor, developer, and marketing manager respectively.


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