Price scare: this laptop with Windows 11 and Ryzen 7 is cheaper than you think


One of the most common questions in forums and social networks is: What laptop do you recommend for 500 euros to work or study? And there are many possible candidates, but, with the Black Friday sale, we are left with this Lenovo IdeaPad Gen 7.

It is a powerful, sober laptop, without superfluous additions that are useless and that is fully focused on the processor, RAM, screen and good design. It has the essence of the legendary ThinkPad, but more modern, cheaper and lighter.

This ultralight laptop has a 15.6″ screen and more than enough power to squeeze out Windows 11, the operating system that comes installed.

Remember to get to the point without having to delve too much into the Amazon website or application, we have compiled the top offers throughout the week of Black Friday.

Continuing with the laptop, the Lenovo IdeaPad 1 Gen 7, we must emphasize first of all its components: AMD Ryzen 7 5700U and its 8GB of RAM. It’s hard to get more for 500 euros that costs right now on sale on Amazon. It is a Black Friday bargain without a doubt.

The screen is nothing out of this world, as it has a TN panel, but of quite high quality, yes. It is a laptop clearly designed for working and spending much more time in Word and Excel than watching movies or editing photos in Photoshop, since for those purposes we recommend looking for one with an IPS screen.

It includes a 512 GB SSD that can be expanded through its NVMe M2 SSD hard drive slot and SD card slot. It also has USB-C and two USB-A in addition to the HDMI port, although it is 1.4.

In short, this Lenovo Idepad 1 Gen 7 is a good laptop for all those users who need a laptop with Windows 11 to browse or work and the only thing that is really important to them is RAM, a decent processor and a good screen.

Playing with it will be difficult, since it does not have a dedicated graphics card and is not designed for it, but it will be able to play games like League of Legends and similar titles.

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That it comes with the operating system already installed is not a minor detail, since it is increasingly rare to find PCs worth less than 500 euros that come with Windows 11, something that forces you to install it yourself. It is not difficult but it is cumbersome to have to do it before using your new computer.

Take advantage of this offer and get a very good laptop to work or study with a large Full HD screen, sober, elegant, with great autonomy and that will not heat up or make too much noise in the middle of class or the office. It’s only 499 euros now on Black Friday.

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