Products that experts recommend not buying this Black Friday


With the arrival of Black Fridaythe emotion for find the best deals and discounts It takes hold of many. However, amid the onslaught of promotions, it’s essential to navigate carefully and make informed decisions about which items to add to your cart and which to leave for another time.

In Spainthis shopping frenzy is scheduled for November 24, and as you prepare to take advantage of the discounts, experts suggest being selective in your choices.

In this article, we explore in detail six categories of products that are not recommended to buy in this black Friday.

So, before diving into the maelstrom of offerslet’s take a closer look at the experts’ recommendation to make your Black Friday shopping truly satisfactory.


ring, jewelry


According to experts, This date is not the best to find good deals or a variety of jewelry products.. Jewelers often have less inventory during the holiday season, especially of more expensive pieces, such as engagement rings.

Therefore, it is better to wait for another time to make such a special and exciting purchase.

exercise machines

The Cecotec treadmill and running machine is ideal for exercising at home, its price drops to 199 euros

Before purchasing exercise machines, such as treadmills or weight sets, you may want to wait a bit and skip doing it during Black Friday.

These products tend to drop in price in January and February, when many people abandon their New Year’s resolutions to exercise more. This way you can save money and take advantage of the available offers.

low cost electronics

Best Black Friday Deals

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You should be careful with offers low cost electronics that are announced during Black Friday. According to experts, these products may be of lower quality than expected, as they may be made from cheaper materials or lack important features.

These offers may be a marketing strategy to attract buyers with low prices, but they do not offer good value for money.

Winter clothing for outdoor activities

Winter clothing for outdoor activities

Black Friday is not the best time to buy outdoor gear, such as snow blowers and patio heaters. These products are not usually heavily discounted on this day, as demand is high during winter.

A better option is to wait until February, when the cold season begins to end and prices drop.


Mother's Day gift travel

If you want to save money on your next vacation, don’t be tempted by Black Friday ads. The best date to find travel deals is November 28, the day after Cyber ​​MondayIt is known as Travel Deal Tuesday.

On that day, airlines and hotels usually offer very attractive discounts that do not last long. So prepare your suitcase and your credit card and take advantage of this opportunity.

Clothes and accessories


Experts recommend avoiding buying clothing, beauty products and fashion accessories during the Black Friday sales and promotion season unless the discount is greater than 30%.

These items usually have more attractive offers at other times of the year, so it is not worth spending on them during this shopping event.