Queen Elizabeth II Death: Here’s Everything Prince William Has Inherited After British Queen’s Demise

Queen Elizabeth II Death: Here’s Everything Prince William Has Inherited After British Queen’s Demise

London, September 20: After the demise of Queen Elizabeth II, Charles took over the reins of the Monarchy in Britain. As he was proclaimed the King of England, his eldest son William had a change in title. William, who was earlier known as the Duke of Cambridge, has now become the Prince of Wales. He also holds the royal title of Duke of Cornwall.

As Prince William overtook the new titles, he is also the new owner of plush estates and properties.

According to New York Post, in addition to lavish palaces, glistening jewels, and precious works of art, the USD 42 billion portfolios of the British royal family’s wealth also include a bed-and-breakfast in Transylvania.

Prince William now owns The Prince of Wales’ Guesthouses, a private “nature retreat… hidden among the meadows and hills of Zalan Valley” in Romania.

New York Post reports that the retreat, which features horseback riding and visits to local craft studios in the Carpathian foothills, is administered by the Prince of Wales’ Charitable Fund. The non-profit also manages Duchy Organic, the largest organic food brand in the UK, which sells hundreds of items such as olive oil, cookies and strawberry preserves. Justin Trudeau Slammed for Singing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Days Before Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral; Canada PM’s Office Issues Clarification After Video Goes Viral.

The profits from both businesses bring in more than USD 3.4 million annually for the fund’s charitable projects, which include promoting sustainable farming across the United Kingdom, a longtime passion of King Charles III since he established the organization in 1979.

Prince William also currently owns the Duchy of Cornwall, a vast estate with net assets of USD 1.2 billion, in his official capacity as the heir to the throne.

The media portal also reports that the Oval cricket ground in south London, Dartmoor Prison, a prison for non-violent male criminals that has recently been called “dilapidated,” and a mega-project of 4,000 dwellings are among its properties. The latter may be the most ambitious project ever launched in the 700-year history of the duchy.

William is also about to take over his father’s estate at Highgrove House, where Charles originally established an organic farm in 1985.

For at least 90 years, Queen Elizabeth’s will is expected to remain secret, preventing the members of her family from learning about the division of assets and riches.

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