Queen Elizabeth Steals the Eden Project’s Show by Cutting Cake With Sword (Watch Video)

London, June 13: Why cut a cake with a knife when you have a ceremonial sword? Queen Elizabeth made everyone giggle at Eden Project’s Big Lunch event on Friday by using the ceremonial sword to cut the cake.

A witty video from the recent Eden Project’s big lunch event is going rounds on social media where during a lunch planning her Platinum Jubilee on Friday, Queen Elizabeth opted to cut a large sheet cake with a sword.

With Duchess of Cambridge- Kate Middleton and Duchess of Cornwall- Camilla Bowles watching, the 95-year-old British monarch insisted on using a ceremonial sword to cut a large sheet cake at Eden Project’s Big Lunch event on Friday, reported Page Six.

The hilarious video shows Her Majesty pausing as someone off-camera reminds her there is a knife. “I know there is,” the Queen quipped back before stating she wanted to use something “more unusual.”

Duchess Camilla also assisted Her Majesty in cutting the cake, while everybody showers her with applause. “That looks very good,” Queen Elizabeth chuckled once they were finished with cutting the first piece of the cake.

Page Six reported that the lunch was organized by The Eden Project, an educational charity that brought the Queen and the Duchesses face-to-face with local volunteers from the Cornish community during the COVID-19 crisis.

Queen Elizabeth’s appearance at the event was only the second since her husband, Prince Philip’s, funeral in April. The first was on May 11 at the State Opening of Parliament.

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