Ramzan 2023 Moon Sighting in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Relevance, Purpose, Schedule of Fasting

Ramzan 2023 Moon Sighting in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Relevance, Purpose, Schedule of Fasting

Mumbai, March 13: Ramzan moon sighting in UAE and Saudi Arabia could happen either on Tuesday (March 21) or Wednesday (March 22), but that completely depends upon the number of days in Shaban, the present Islamic month. The last day of fasting would be April 21, 2023, or April 22, 2023, based on the moon sighting.

If the month of Shaban will be 29 days, then the Ramzan moon in UAE and Saudi Arabia will be sighted on March 21. If the Islamic month of Shaban ends in 30 days, Ramzan will fall on March 22.

Origin of Ramzan

The holy month of Ramzan was recognised and dates back to the seventh century. Prophet Mohammed received the first verse of the Quran during this month on the 27th night. It is also known as the Night of Power or Laylat al-Qadr, but that may fall during any of the odd nights of the last ten days. The last ten days of Ramzan hold special significance in Islam. It is believed that one night’s prayers and remembrance of Allah have a special reward which is equivalent to a thousand days of prayers. Islamic Calendar 2023: From Ramadan to Eid al-Fitr and Bakrid, List of Muslim Festivals, Events, Holidays and Their Georgian and Hijri Dates.

Ramzan Schedule

UAE and Saudi Arabia will observe a fast of around 13.83 hours. Starting from 04:52 am suhoor, the time specified for taking a meal before the fast, until the evening when the fast can be ended at around 06:35 pm. The time of suhoor will keep reducing by at least one minute each day. On the last fasting day, the time of suhoor would be 4:21 am, while the time to end the fast would be 6:47 pm.

Muslims are required to abstain from food, water and sexual intercourse while fasting. Apart from five mandatory prayers daily, Muslims observe a taraweeh, the night prayer led by hafeez, who has memorized the Quran. Ramadan 2023 Date: Countdown To Holy Month of Fasting Begins, Know Tentative Dates for Ramzan in Saudi Arabia and UAE Here.

According to several Islamic scholars, the purpose behind fasting is to prepare the human mind to abstain from haraam things. In short, what Allah has forbidden in  Islam should not be done whatsoever. Also, the great leaders of Islam have emphasised consuming less but healthy food such as dates, fruits, milk, and honey, among others. This would be not only good for their physical health but also for their spiritual being.



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