Rapper Cashoutajay Releases A New Rocking Single “BUSS IT DOWN” Also ft. Doleary 

A great talent always gets recognised by people. Years ago, rappers or musicians would mostly get a platform to showcase their talent with competitions or reality shows. But today, social media and several platforms have allowed artists to present their work and connect with the audience. It has helped many of them to achieve huge fame. One such person who has made a mark for himself with his striking talent and hardwork is Rapper Cashoutajay.

Hailing from New York’s Long Island, Rapper Cashoutajay is a name associated with some spectacular hip hop music. He is known for his high energy, confidence and music that leaves the audience tapping their feets. This month, Cashoutajay has treated fans with a new single.

Rapper Cashoutajay’s new single is titled as Buss It Down also featuring Doleary. The song is recorded, mixed and mastered at Quad Studios in Times Square. The song is available for his fans and music lovers to enjoy on Spotify. It will leave them in a vibrant mood for sure.

About his new single, rapper Cashoutajay says, “I wanted to create something dynamic for my fans. Buss It Down is special to me as I have been working on it for the past few months to bring some cheers in people’s life. Doleary and I had a good time bringing this piece to life. I hope people like it and I can’t wait to read their feedback on my new song.”

Listen to Rapper Cashoutajay’s Buss It Down & others songs on his profile on Spotify –


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