Ratan Pratap Shuts Down Trolls With Humour

Ratan Pratap Shuts Down Trolls With Humour

Actor-host Ratan Pratap, who is known to host dance shows, has been generating a lot of buzz lately. This time it is not about his acting debut or another hosting gig. Instead, it’s his Instagram that is talked about. Ratan is one artist who claims to handle his social media himself. According to his manager, Ratan does not allow his Instagram account’s access to his team and insists that it be handled personally. In a day and age where PR firms and social media agencies dictate content for celebrities, this is one artist trying to keep it real, or at least they claim. 

Ratan is known for his witty replies and his spontaneous humour. It has been evident through his interviews in the past and his Instagram stories that he keeps his replies light and humorous. A recent question and answer session conducted by Ratan is something his followers cannot get enough of. The bollywood star was accepting questions from his fans and some went guns ablaze with extremely personal questions like ‘How Big?’. What was funny was how Ratan handled them and replied with his shoe size. Humour is one way to tackle an uncomfortable question and this incident proves exactly that. 

While fans’ curiosity over their favourite stars is acceptable, there is a debate about how a line should be drawn and decency maintained during such interactions. When a bollywood portal caught hold of Ratan while he was exiting his gym recently, he said, “Some questions were very intrusive. I haven’t even been asked such things on a date. However, I had a lot of fun answering them”.  Looks like he is not bothered by the line of questioning. 

Social media is a tool all actors use to interact with their followers. Very few, however, manage to keep it relatable. Here’s awaiting more such funny and real interactions with Ratan on his instagram…

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