Renfe is not giving away free trips for Black Friday, it is a scam


Black Friday is coming, and with it a whole collection of associated scams. A false Renfe survey that promises free tickets for Black Fridayis a new attempt to steal data and accounts.

The scam is as old as the mobile phone. But it continues to work, because criminals continue to launch them year after year. Using phishing, they impersonate Renfe and they promise give away free travel cards in exchange for completing a survey. Survey that ends up obtaining personal data to be able to access accounts, or impersonate.

Criminals take advantage of important dates, such as Black Friday, the January sales, Christmas, etc., to impersonate a well-known company, and offer gifts or raffles. As these are dates when brands make promotions, it seems more credible.

In exchange for opting for the gift, you must fill out a survey, return a message, give your name and email, or log in to a fake Google, Facebook, etc. website.

The Renfe survey scam and Black Friday

With the hook of a prize or a fairly favorable draw, the victim lets himself go and ends up revealing personal data, or giving permission to install a spy app or malware.

The latest scam of this type is the one that Renfe posted today on X:

You can see how The message warns that it is a Renfe survey for Black Friday. Offers 1,000 gift cards for free travel for a year. Since it’s a lie, you can offer whatever amounts you want…

To make the victim hurry up and not think about it too much, indicates that there are only 235 gift cards left to deliver. This makes it clear that he has delivered many, and if you don’t hurry, they will run out…

Cybersecurity scammers

The survey requires clicking on several buttons, and those buttons can be programmed to do anything: from installing malware to sending data to criminals.

As Renfe itself recommends in the message, you should never click on suspicious linksand when faced with supposed surveys and gifts like this, the best thing is go to the official Renfe accounts on X, Facebook, etc., and ask.

The false Renfe survey for Black Friday, with gift cards to travel for free for a year, is a scam. Don’t sting when you get this kind of stuff.