Ryan Reynolds Reveals Disney-Fox Merger Messed Up Plans of a Deadpool Christmas Movie

Ryan Reynolds Reveals Disney-Fox Merger Messed Up Plans of a Deadpool Christmas Movie

Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds made a major revelation recently in relation to the Deadpool franchise which has left fans gravely disappointed. Known for playing the titular character in the franchise, Reynolds revealed in an interview that he was involved with writing a script for a Christmas-themed film in the franchise, as per The Hollywood Reporter. People’s Choice Awards 2022: Ryan Reynolds to Be Honoured with People’s Icon Award at the Event!

He was in talks with , the co-writers of the inaugural film of the franchise as well as its 2018 sequel. While the screenplay was completed, the proposed film never took to the production floors.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Reynolds said that the film ‘got lost’ during the merger of Fox with Disney and ‘never got made’. Reynolds has portrayed Deadpool in a Christmas-themed fashion earlier. Fall 2018 saw the release of Once Upon A Deadpool got a limited theatrical rollout during the holiday season.

It was a PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 which was ‘holiday-centric’, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Reynolds has been working on the third installment in the franchise for a while now. With the release of the third film, the character of Deadpool would mark its entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe officially. Ryan Reynolds Becomes the Only Actor To Have 3 Films on the Netflix’s All-Time Top 10 Films List.

Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios, told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview that the third installment would be a chance to expand on the franchise’s two previous films. Reynolds would be seen in another Christmas project, titled Spirited. Co-starring Saturday Night Live actor Will Ferrell, the movie shall be released on Apple TV+ on November 18.