Samsung mixes things up and heats up Black Friday: it reduces its latest tablet and is 120 euros cheaper


There are tablets that are as powerful as a computer or even more. Without going any further, the latest generation iPads already have the same processors as the MacBooks, although there is a brand that has decided to maintain the type and fight the battle: Samsung, which with its Galaxy Tab S8 offers an Android alternative that has little to offer. envy them

Specifically, now on Amazon the discount applied to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ is 120 eurosvery, very bulky, especially if we take into account that it was presented just a few months ago.

The offer occurs in the week of Black Friday, and it is that From the 17th to the 28th, Amazon will have all the offers available, at least until the available stock runs out.and in this case it is not ruled out that this happens.

Features and price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+, Samsung’s new compact tablet with a 12.4-inch screen and 5G connectivity.

They are 879 euros, but we must consider that this tablet is as powerful as a computer, so with it you will not also need to have a PC, but you will be able to run absolutely any Android application at the maximum speed that the system allows. Not only that, but it comes with the included S-Pen, suitable for doing high-precision tasks such as drawing or handwriting.

Having said all this, what this tablet can boast of most is its power and screen. Have a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processorone of the best that has come out of the Qualcomm factory, although it is true that it is not the most powerful they have today.

It doesn’t end there, since it also has an impressive 12.4″ screen – larger than most tablets – and with a 120 Hz AMOLED panel, which will undoubtedly make you enjoy the best viewing quality available now on the market.

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What is clear is that due to the amount of the discount and the quality of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+, it is almost certain that it will become one of the protagonists of Black Friday, and also in white, one of the most attractive of all. those that have been put up for sale.

Of course and as almost always on Amazon, shipping is free throughout Spain whether you have a Prime account or not, although if you do have one, it will arrive at your home much faster, in just one day.

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