Shaping Up With Santana: The TV Show Helping People Stay Fit

Every day there are people who tell themselves they want to incorporate more exercise into their lives. But saying it and actually doing the work are two completely different things. And because of limited gym openings due to the pandemic, getting a daily workout is more complicated than usual. Shaping up with Santana is a fitness television series created to help individuals get fit while staying inside their homes. With this show, people will no longer have an excuse to skip a workout.

Shaping up with Santana is hosted and produced by the internationally acclaimed model, entrepreneur, and TV host Santana Rodriguez. With her background as a fitness model champion and armed with fitness and coaching training, she created something to help people stay active as gyms closed due to the pandemic.

In each episode of Shaping up with Santana, viewers follow the host along with a real-time workout. Throughout the different exercises, Santana offers motivation and guidance on proper form and modifications. Because of its straightforward and accessible format, the show has become a massive success with viewers worldwide. It features simple yet effective movements that get the muscles working. The exercises are suitable for individuals at any fitness level, making them a suitable substitute for in-person fitness classes at the gym. These episodes are all available on-demand, which makes working out on a busy day more convenient.

While the workouts will make audiences sweat, the show maintains a fun atmosphere to encourage its viewers to keep working on their goals. Shaping up with Santana is a show that focuses on fitness, dance exercise, and nutrition. Research has shown that physical health, mental health, and diet are essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The show promotes this balance by having Santana talk about tips for better nutrition and improved mental health.

Santana Rodriguez’s push for including diet and nutrition in her show is because of her father’s experience with Type 2 Diabetes. She saw how poor eating habits affected her father’s health, and since then, she has been a strong advocate for including proper nutrition in her fitness coaching. For her, internal health is just as important as external fitness.

Shaping up with Santana has brought people together as they share their health journeys. People from all over the world have chosen this show to help them get in shape. The show is welcoming to fitness enthusiasts of all ages. Santana’s simple, authentic, and down-to-earth approach to health and fitness keeps her viewers motivated to stay on track.

Shaping up with Santana has been well-received by audiences worldwide, boasting over 14 million subscribers on a leading digital media player and 30 million subscribers on a top subscription TV service. The show is also set to air on another streaming service soon, powered by one of the most popular and successful tech device companies in the world. With the show’s success, it keeps on expanding and reaching even more people who want to take control of their health. 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital now more than ever. With Shaping up with Santana, better health is within reach, one episode at a time. More information is available on the show’s website.

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