Sharon Stone Birthday Special: Five Movies Of The Actress That Are Pure Gold

Sharon Stone, the name takes everyone back to that controversial scene from Basic Instinct where she sits pretty on a chair and just crosses and uncrosses her legs. That scene was enough to create a lot of frenzy in 1992 not just amongst the audience but at the box office too. This was her breakout role, something nobody from the 90s can ever forget. Over the years, she has done innumerable movies that won her more Razzies and one Oscar nomination but the lady has managed to stay in people’s minds as an icon.   Sharon Stone’s Memoir ‘The Beauty of Living Twice’ to Hit Bookshelves in March 2021

So on her birthday, we decided to take you down memory lane, mostly the 90s, when Sharon Stone was a bombshell both as an actress and a box office genius.

Basic Instinct (1993)

Stone ruffled many feathers with her bisexual psychopath portrayal of a crime Novelist who is also a murder suspect. Michael Douglas and her chemistry was so wild it set the box office on fire.

Casino (1995)

Sharon played a character that was heavily layered. She is an ex-prostitute, hustler and trainwreck of a wife of a Mafia boss played by Robert De Niro. Such was her conviction to the role, that it got her the only Oscar nomination of her career.

Total Recall (1990)

A martial arts expert and also has the skill of throwing knives where it hurts, Stone’s role was quite violent in this futuristic film. She does a great job of standing against Arnold Schwarzeneggar in the movie.

Catwoman (2004)

Catwoman is one of the most scorned superhero movies ever thanks to its questionable CGI scenes. But one can’t deny that Stone as the vicious, scheming Laurel Hadare was simply excellent. It’s also one of the few blockbusters with women doing the heavy lifting.

Broken Flowers (2005)

A man sets out to meet his ex-flames to find out who bore him a son that’s now 19 years old. His first stop was Stone who played Laura, the widow of a NASCAR driver.

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