Techy Expanding the Gadget Repair Industry with Leading Performance

Dealing with broken gadgets can be a nightmare for anyone. Most often, repairs can be just as expensive as getting a new phone, and results can vary depending on where you’re going to have it fixed. But one company hopes to standardize, and consequently revolutionize, the gadget repair world, that is, Techy.

Techy’s founder, William Daragan, is an experienced CEO with over 16 years of business experience. He’s gifted in areas like franchise sales, business development, customer service, and sales operations. He started his first business after graduating from Cooper City High School. Later, he would start DrPhoneFix, a brand of phone repair shops that would open branches all over the Florida area. The founder and CEO recently renamed DrPhoneFix to Techy, given that the company would expand beyond repairing phones alone. 

Today, Techy serves thousands of clients, fixing phones and tablets, computers, game consoles, and other gadgets. Over the years, the company has expanded its reach and opened over forty stores in strategic locations in Florida and other states. The company has also entered into Walmart stores to provide shoppers with added convenience. “We are also proud to be in the electronic device repair business in some Walmart stores throughout the United States,” adds William. “It’s great for a franchisee to take advantage of being able to serve a much larger clientele base, as well as provide an additional valuable service to Walmart shoppers.”

What makes Techy stand out as a gadget repair brand is its commitment to service consistency and customer satisfaction. All Techy employees, franchisees, and staff go through a rigorous certificate training period. Everyone learns all they need to know about repairing various kinds of gadgets, customer service, and sales. The company’s internal training system turns anyone with no prior background in repairing devices into a full-fledged repair professional who can fix smartphones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles and many others.

Just as crucial to the Techy company culture is a premium put on customer service. The company equips everyone in the company to be front-facing employees, teaching them how to make customers feel comfortable and confident to leave their valuable devices in our hands. 

In retrospect, William Daragan started Techy because he saw a need in the market for electronic device repair. “Customers with electronic device issues needed somewhere to go, where they could gain assurance that their device will be in experienced hands,” adds William. “We take pride in developing a brand that does exactly that.” As a CEO, William likes to stay hands-on. During the rebranding process, he got involved in everything from choosing the color schemes for the techy logo to creating the store feel. As an expert at sales and customer service, he also remains very participative in the training process. He ensures that everyone in the company sets a certain standard of customer care and satisfaction.

Over the next few years, Techy hopes to launch more stores and reach over a hundred locations nationwide and globally.

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