Telangana’s Per Capita Income More Than Financial Capital Mumbai, Says CM K Chandrashekhar Rao

Telangana’s Per Capita Income More Than Financial Capital Mumbai, Says CM K Chandrashekhar Rao

Warangal, October 1: Telangana’s Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao inaugurated the Prathima Relief Institute of medical sciences at Warangal on Saturday.

While addressing the medical students at the event the CM compared Telangana’s per capita income with Mumbai- the financial capital of India. “Telangana’s per capita income is more than that of the financial capital of India, Mumbai”, the CM said. 5G Launch in India: ‘It Has the Potential To Transform Economic Landscape of India’, Say Industry Leaders.

“Earlier we had only 5 medical colleges but we could get 12 new colleges”, he further said. While lashing out at the Central government, KCR said, “The central government hasn’t been able to give a single medical college. But we have broadly sanctioned 33 new medical colleges in 33 districts. In a few days, the mission will be completed”. “Before 2014 we had only 2800 seats including private and government but now we have around 6800 medical seats in the state”. KCR recounted. Karnataka Mob Lynching: Dalit Teen, Mother Tied to Electric Pole, Thrashed Over Suspicion of Theft in Chikkaballapur, 10 Booked.

Telangana chief minister inaugurated Pratima Medical College Hospital (Pratima Relief Institute of Medical Sciences) and Cancer Institute built on Mulugu Road with a capacity of 350 beds. “Any country or community that has all the information and is updated will grow forward. Any community that becomes lazy and mute spectators will have to face a huge loss. It took a lot of struggle to recognize Telangana as a state”, KCR underlined.

While addressing the medical students the CM said, “This is one of the best nations, but some people for their selfishness are trying to poison it and that’s not good for the community. The future is yours, as a student and youngsters it’s your duty to turn our nation into a great nation”.

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