The latest version of iOS 17 can’t stop Flipper Zero either


If you don’t know Flipper Zero, that little device for hackers that is scaring everyone, maybe you should do it. Apple is not taking this seriously and may regret it soon.

This small multifunctional device, called Flipper Zero, is testing the robustness of the most advanced security systems, including the latest version of iPhone iOS 17.

There had already been talk about the vulnerability of the iPhone to spam attacks, capable of affecting Windows and Android, that Flipper Zero has emulator apps, can interact with video game consoles and even with sex toys, but it was not expected that the new versions of operating systems would not block it easily.

According to a report by 9to5Macthis device is capable of executing attacks that can render iPhones and iPads unusabledespite the security updates implemented in the iOS 17.2 beta.

This incredible accessory gives Flipper Zero superpowers

Through a technique that simulates being an AirTag or even an AirPod Pro the Flipper Zero can send multiple notifications to iPhones, rendering them unusable.

This tactic, comparable to a DDoS attack, but in the form of notifications, poses serious security challenges for iPhone users, considering that anyone can buy Flipper Zero easily for 165 euros.

With a Bluetooth radio range about 50 meters, Flipper Zero can execute DDoS attacks undetected, posing a risk in crowded places. To date, the only preventive measure for users is to disable Bluetooth.

Apple is not taking into account what Flipper Zero demonstrates

Despite the efforts and investment in security by companies like Apple, it seems there are always vulnerabilities to discover and exploit. The Flipper Zero, although it does not directly compromise personal data or the internal system of the device, demonstrates how a relatively simple attack can leave a high-end smartphone, like the iPhone, practically unusable.

Apple’s strategy involves not recognizing, for the moment, its Bluetooth security flaw. Something that can get out of hand at any time, if the popularity of devices like Flipper Zero, also widely used in the IT environment, continues to grow. cybersecurity and ethical hacking.

The authorities, on the other hand, are taking action on the matter, and there are already several countries that could prohibit the sale of Flipper Zero, so if you are interested in getting one, perhaps you should do so now.

Meanwhile, online discussions revolve around possible technical solutions, such as automatically suspending Bluetooth operation in the face of excessive messages or limiting the size of the message queue for avoid Flipper Zero’s attack. However, these proposals are just patches, awaiting a concrete response from Apple.