The most sought-after Garmin bargain of Black Friday arrives: the Fenix ​​7 plummets in price and heats up the preview


Amazon has decided to advance practically all the Black Friday offers in the previous week, and that has triggered searches for some of the most in-demand products, and there are people who always wait for devices like the latest iPhone, a good laptop or a top sports watch.

In this last section we must point out, of course, the Garmin Fenix ​​7, which is considered in its various versions as the best sports watch, which now temporarily drops to 399 euros. It’s not a deal that Amazon has officially labeled as Black Friday, and that means it can go up in price quickly.

All the more reason to hurry up and buy it if you were waiting for such an opportunity, but it is also It is a price that is below the 437 euros that it cost on the last Amazon Prime Dayjust a month ago, that is, it has truly broken all records in this store.

Multisport smart watch with GPS, touch screen and heart rate and blood oxygen sensors, among others, for athletes.

It is sold and managed directly by Amazon, and that gives certain guarantees at all levels, both for the speed of shipping and for the after-sales service.

Shipping is free whether you have a Prime account or not, although if you have one, it will arrive much faster. Amazon is also known for being a store that always responds if there are problems after the purchase, and that is essential when you are going to spend almost 400 euros in a clock.

Ultra-precise GPS, Garmin Coach and multisport mode

The keys why the Garmin Fenix ​​7 is worth it have to do with how reliable it is when measuring sports activities, dozens of themwith special emphasis on some such as running, cycling or swimming.

Its GPS is precise and the sensors collect all kinds of physical data, such as VO2 Max, heart rate, distance or pace, but the most important of all is the use that Garmin gives to all that data, processed and converted into advice. training, personalized sessions and much more.

With Garmin Coach you can prepare for a race or competition with advice adapted to your physical form and possibilities, little by little and always within what you can give.

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The screen is designed so that, in addition to being touch, it can be operated with the buttons in case you cannot use the touch screen, something common when exercising, but it is also visible perfectly even in bright sunlight.

Not only that, but it also has its part as a smart watch, with synchronization of notifications from the mobile phone and payments with Garmin Pay.

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