The new colors of Google Maps are read worse according to users


Google Maps has made a change that has surprised many: a new color palette. This adjustment, although it may seem minor, has caused a wave of reactions among users, who mostly ask for a return to classic colors.

According to a recent survey of Android Authority, the response of users to the new color palette of Google Maps has been mostly negative. 45% of respondents expressed dissatisfaction with the new colors, while only 29% approved of them.

The most notable change is the transformation of the roads, previously white, now in shades of gray. In addition, bodies of water present a paler blue and forested areas a darker green. You can see the differences in the opening photo of the news.

This change not only affects the aesthetics of Google Maps, but also its functionality. Users have reported difficulty discerning details on the mapespecially without a significant approach.

Readability has become a critical point of discussion on platforms like reddit either Twitter, where users express their nostalgia for the old colorseasier to read and recognize.

However, not all comments are negative. Some users have expressed their liking for the new color scheme, describing it as more modern and attractive.

Google Maps focuses on immersion and visual improvements

The contrast between user reception and the direction taken by Google Maps highlights a dilemma in app design: Should aesthetic improvements be prioritized over functionality and familiarity?

Beyond the colors, Google Maps has implemented other improvements, such as the immersive view for routes and the integration of artificial intelligence to interpret photographs and create more realistic route simulations. These improvements seek to offer a richer and more detailed user experience.

On the other hand, competitors like Waze have chosen to focus on road safety. Waze recently introduced accident history alerts, providing drivers with information about road segments with a history of collisions.

No official response from Google about the new colors of Google Maps

Furthermore, it must be taken into account that Google Maps is a tool used daily by millions of usersand that any change, no matter how minor, has a significant impact on the user experience.

In response to user requests to revert colors, we still There has been no official statement from Google.

However, clear and direct feedback from the user community will likely influence the company’s future decisions regarding the Google Maps user interface.

Thus, while Google Maps seeks to innovate and keep up with current aesthetic trends, users crave the simplicity and clarity of colors they have become familiar with over the years.