This Instagram Page Is Giving Goals to the Entire World- Viktorija Lubyte

This Instagram Page Is Giving Goals to the Entire World- Viktorija Lubyte

In today’s world where every human has access to reach any part of the globe physically or virtually, travelling as an industry has boomed. Let’s talk about the year 2019 and early 2020, where the world had their travel plan in place and everyone looked excited about the stamps on their passports. During such pleasant days, We got hit by mankind’s worst hit pandemic and all our plans went in vain. In such dire situations, one can only imagine of travel through digital space and Viktorija Lubyte has done just the same for the world.

A Lithuanian by birth and a traveller by heart, Viktorija has taken over the travel space on digital to all new levels. In an ideal situation, the world wishes to make some luxury trips after months and months of planning. It’s a world known fact that half the travel plans that the world makes are Nipped in the bud due to excessive planning or chaotic logistics. While acknowledging all these factors, We present to you a page on Instagram that deals with luxury 24*7 for 52 weeks a year around the globe packaged with the most beautiful smile.

Viktorija Lubyte, An Avid traveller, Reader and a philanthropist has been on the go for sometime now. Travelling across Europe, she is setting standards for a lot of things on social media starting from luxury travels to couple goals. Viktorija has been labelled as the queen of travelling by virtue of not just the luxury in her travels but by her fitness, fashion and moral responsibilities. In these times when the world waited in anticipation to see some travel plans unfold, She almost travelled half the world at the break of first lockdown. It comes in as no surprise that Viktorija has soon become the most loved face on the internet. Her exotic looks, Bold fashion statements and love for everything luxurious has made her the talk of the town.

During the last one year, Viktorija has made significant growth on Instagram not just for her travel but for her philanthropy. She extended her support to Philanthropy and proved it to the world that she isn’t just a pretty face.

Viktorija has big plans for the world especially the under privileged kids and animals. She feels extremely connected to them and has worked on various collaborations across the globe to engage and empower them worldwide.

What is Instagram ? A place where we all go to show the world our lives and sometimes show the world what we aspire to be in our life. The story is absolutely different in her case, she is the one setting goals for the world right now. Viktorija has time and again mentioned about hustle and how speaking of her dreams never got her to achieving, she actually got here by virtue of her “never say never” attitude.

Today, if you are looking at a perfect life without filters, Its Viktorija Lubyte’s life. We promise you won’t blink while scrolling through her feed.

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