This is how you can create voiceovers for your videos with ChatGPT Plus


A few months ago, new and great features landed on ChatGPT Plus: now it not only understands and generates text, it can also listen, speak and view images.

According to the official statement, OpenAI has worked with professional voice actors to create different tones and styles, so users can choose the one they like best. Special mention to the audio quality, which is surprising.

With this as a basis, Why just chat when you can take advantage of these voices to create professional-sounding voiceovers for your videos, presentations or podcasts? Available exclusively to ChatGPT Plus subscribers on iOS and Android, it opens up a range of possibilities for those looking to bring their content to life with different, very realistic voices.

To begin this experience, Sydney Louw Butler Howtogeek wanted to test this function to create voices.

Step by step, so you can create a voiceover with ChatGPT

The first thing you should do is download and install the ChatGPT application on your mobile. Once installed, you must start a new chat. Here, begins the creative process by providing ChatGPT with the text intended to be converted to speech.

Choosing to use external text involves simply pasting it into the chat and specifying that ChatGPT should not do anything with it for the time being. Users will then record audio from their device.

As he explains, on Android devices, this can be easily done using the built-in screen recorder. The process may vary depending on the brand of mobile, but there are many alternatives available in the app store in case the default app does not work as you expect.

With recording underway, Users activate ChatGPT conversation mode by tapping the headphones icon in the top right corner of the app. Now, they tell ChatGPT to repeat the given text word for word, emphasizing clarity to avoid potential confusion.

Once ChatGPT has completed the reading, you just have to stop the recording and save the file to your mobile. As you can see, a few simple steps that, in a matter of seconds, will allow you to have a perfectly voiced voice recording to include wherever you want.