Today’s Date Reads 4 3 2 1! The ‘Once in a Lifetime’ Phenomenon Has Netizens Sharing Positives Messages and Funny Memes

Have you checked today’s date? It is special. If you look carefully, you’ll see that today’s date reads 4-3-2-1. Yes, it is March 4, 2021, which if you write in the  DD/MM/YY format, reads 4-3-2-1. Isn’t it interesting? Well, at least the entire Twitter thinks so. Netizens are sharing positive messages, Happy Thursday images, inspirational quotes and also funny memes for some reason to celebrate the special occurrence. It is being labelled a “once in a lifetime” phenomenon that people are totally relishing.

It doesn’t happen often that the dates read in a certain pattern, but once in a while, such occurrences do take place. The combination of the date, month and year somehow make a familiar pattern like the numerals in consecutive order or vice versa. Sometimes they read the same both ways, such dates are called palindrome year and they too are considered special days with people wishing each other.

The ‘Once in a Lifetime’ Phenomenon Has Netizens Sharing Positives Messages and Funny Memes: 


Happy Thursday, People!

Phenomenons like this keep happening. Just last month aka February 12 was a rare date known as a palindrome date which means if we read the date put in the format, DD/MM/YYYY we will be surprised to find that it is a palindrome. This rare occurrence happens when you read forwards and backwards and it reads the same. The date was 12/02/2021 and therefore, it is a palindrome date of 2021. In the year 2020, people remembered the date 02/02/2020. Sunday’s date was a rare palindrome that has not happened in over 900 years.  In the year 2019, 9.10.2019 happened which is quite rare a palindrome. It reads the same way backwards and forward.

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