Top Rated Relationship Coach, Alejandra Nicolazza is Helping Women Find Everlasting Love

Alejandra Nicolazzo (@alee.nicolazzo) is a women’s relationships, intimacy and empowerment coach. She holds an outstanding track record in guiding her clients to creating unprecedented results, with many of her clients going from almost having given up on love, to blissfully coupled.

“There is nothing that brings me more joy than to receive a wedding invitation or be told “we are trying for a baby!” from previously single clients. Or to hear from a client in her 50’s that she is having a ball dating and being pursued, after 20 years of celibacy and singledom, following the tragic death of her husband.  These are just some of the kinds of success stories that inspire me to do what I do” says Alejandra

Alejandra’s methodology helps women identify and move through deep seated relationship blocks and patterns and fall in love with themselves first, as the foundation for thriving, healthy and sexy relationships.

Her unique background, having worked intimately with thousands of men as an escort and tantric practitioner, provides her with a rare insight into the male psyche which she now shares with her clients. Couple this with her years helping women work through sexual and emotional shame and trauma. She now supports women to recognise the timeless radiance, magnetism, and enchantment of their feminine essence and the deep inner beauty of their vulnerability.   All whilst teaching her clients the secrets to bringing men into a place of deep love and heart centred power.

Her online programs ‘Love Savvy – Never make a bad love decision again’ and  ‘Allure – Become a Man magnet’ are accessible to women worldwide.

For the woman who is ready to go ‘all in’ for love, Alejandra offers bespoke private coaching journeys.

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