Toronto Artist Hoodz9 Releases a Music Video for ‘Nah Mean’

Popular new Toronto artist, Hoodz9, recently released a new solo project on YouTube. The music video for his most recent release ‘Nah Mean’ was executive produced by Ivan Albery Powell and directed by Lawrains. Although he often releases music videos on his own channel, Hoodz9 has been known to utilize big platforms to release music videos in the past.

The Tory Lanez music video, “Adore (Remix)” was released on the world-famous Wordstar Hip-hop YouTube channel that has over 22 million subscribers. The Tory Lanez collaboration was released last year, a few months into the global health crisis, while most artists were taking a break from music. The music video was a big success, getting picked up by popular music outlets like DJ Akademiks and Complex Canada.

Even though Hoodz9 had previously collaborated on music videos with local celebrities like Houdini and Yung Tory, the big-name feature from Tory Lanez has helped to catapult him to the international level.

Hoodz9 on UK platform Link Up TV.

His team took notice of his new celebrity status and international fan base and decided to release his next project on a popular UK platform called Link Up Tv. The music video was somehow filmed on a yacht in Toronto during the quarantine and featured another local artist Natra and Kris Hans. The song called Bad Gyal was a departure from his typical Toronto melodic sound and had more of an afro-beats influence to it.

Hoodz9 interview feedback is what inspired his most recent project.

Hoodz9’s most recent project was made after an interview that he did with Tom Hickey Media. During the interview, he answered most of his questions with the phrase “Nah Mean”. Many comments under the video mentioned the fact that he was using the phrase.

New Hoodz9 video premiered on Complex Canada.

The most recent video for Nah Mean was released on YouTube but premiered on Complex Canada. The video is a solo project but features Hoodz9 and two female models hanging out in a New York-style apartment with exposed brick. In homage to the recent Future and Drake music video, the camera pulls out to reveal the full scene. Turns out the brick wall is part of a set, the whole project is filmed inside a film studio. The music video also features a white Bentley SUV. Bentley is another luxury automaker, who has recently got into the SUV market. Companies like Lamborghini and Bentley have followed Porsche in the new market.

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