Traveling The World and Running a Global Company with Ronnie Flynn

In the age of Globalization, entrepreneurs are no longer limited to their hometown or the state they live in. The world is available for them to create opportunities. With the improvements in technology, entrepreneurs can stay in one part of the world and sell products or services to people in another part of the world. Travelling has become easier and affordable, making it almost normal for entrepreneurs to form international connections. One entrepreneur who has embraced the need for travel is Ronnie Flynn, founder of Vuuzle Media Corp. He has created a global organization with bases in countries such as Dubai and the Philippines.

Global Citizen

He has stated, “I have learned to make the world my office, the people my business, and God my boss. I have traveled the world, learning about different people and ethnicities. I realized that I am a man who loves color and music.”

Flynn, who got the opportunity to travel early in his life, was born in Torrance, California, and eventually moved to Orange County at 13 years old. “Thanks to God I was multi-talented and had many choices in my life. I eventually started traveling the world financing projects all over Europe and in Asia. I was always fascinated with film and television and knew that I should be working in the industry.”

“I have a very flamboyant background raising capital for many types of different projects Globally. Being involved in the entertainment business has allowed me to travel the world with some of the world’s biggest and well-known entertainers. From going on the history tour with Michael Jackson to Melbourne Australia or just hanging out and partying with the king of funk Rick James, I have been able to be part of an elite group of people.”

Impact on the World

“Today, I serve the world through innovation and media by delivering free entertainment. The group of companies I have helped build are magical and truly a blessing to me and everyone who uses the service. We market our products. Everyone uses our applications to receive free movies, TV, and music.”

Challenging Moments in Travel

Flynn outlined that he has learned some of the most important lessons about timing, completion, and the construction of certain projects from his travels. “I remember we had a shoot in Bucharest, Romania that required a nice sunshiny day, and the shot had to be finished on a certain day. On the day we needed to shoot the scene, it was raining and cloudy. We could not get this shot, nor did we have time to build a set inside. I then took the risk of re-writing the scene using the rain as part of the backdrop like it was a dream in the movie and faded to black with an opening of the sun scene to finish the shot on time with a better ending. I learned no risk, no rewards. The production company used me several times after that for many projects for tv and commercials and live performances and concerts.”

Despite the challenges faced in his travels, Flynn was able to gain new business from this experience. This highlights the need for entrepreneurs to make the best of any situation they are in.

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