Turning Struggle into Purpose: How Entrepreneurs Leverage Hardship to Innovate and Create

We can’t always control what happens to us in our lives, which is why many times, we find ourselves in situations that are grossly unfair. As the old adage goes, ‘life isn’t fair,’ and for many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, they have accepted this fact as reality. 

Taking the hardships that have come their way and using them to become the innovators and creators that they are today, entrepreneurs are a special breed of human being. By turning struggle into purpose, entrepreneurs around the world have demonstrated what is possible if we take each learning lesson and failure and leverage these experiences into something prolific.

Just look at Johnny Crowder, founder of Cope Notes, a text messaging platform that uplifts subscribers from almost 100 countries around the world with daily mental health support. The texts are sent at random and give the users encouragement when they need it the most. As an individual living with OCD, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia, Crowder is no stranger to adversity, which is why he decided years ago to take his experiences and help other people with similar struggles. He has funneled his passion for mental health into a company that is growing at a rapid pace today.

And then there’s Dr. Patricia Lawman, Ph.D., a pioneer in the health field and CEO of Morphogenesis. The company is on a mission to assist the body in its natural ability to fight against chronic disease, something that is aptly talked about in the midst of a pandemic. Dr. Lawman always had a fascination with molecular biology, especially while serving as the Division Director of Cancer Molecular Biology at the Walt Disney Memorial Cancer Institute. Using her unique experience, Dr. Lawman is working to make the world a better – and healthier place – when people need it the most.

Feeling the same pull to make a difference medically while the world shuttered at COVID-19, Jon Fisher, who is best known for his viral commencement speech at the University of San Francisco, launched CrowdOptic Inc. to provide a solution. Partnering with National Bioskills Laboratories, CrowdOptic removed geographical restrictions and helped the medical community at-large through AI and bioskills. Understanding his unique perspectives and access to technology made him someone who could be of assistance during a pandemic, Fisher wasn’t afraid to lend his experience to a world that desperately needed it.

What about the entrepreneurs who are battling their own health problems as they work to soldier on with their businesses? Daniel Badran is the poster child for such hardship, as someone who battled cancer, losing his ability to speak for nearly three-years. During this time, he ideated and generated the business model for Minimise, now an energy efficiency service company that leverages the most sophisticated instruments around the world. Staring death in the face and winning the battle, Badran is devoting his life to making the world a greener and cleaner place for future generations. 

And lastly, Justin Donald, ‘the Warren Buffett of Lifestyle Investing,’ is passionately sharing his personal experiences and perspectives with as many people as possible looking to ‘create wealth without creating a job’ during a time when job-loss is pervasive. While more people than ever before look for ways to earn money at home to support their families, Donald has positioned his investing success strategically so he can help these people unlock their financial freedom.

The moral of the story: choose to see the potential in failure. These entrepreneurs are shining examples of what’s possible when we decide to become the main characters in our own lives. Take control of your narrative today.

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