Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s First Post ‘just setting up my twttr’ Up for Sale at Online Tweets Marketplace

Washington, March 6: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has put up his first ever tweet on the platform for sale. Dorsey has listed his 15-year-old post saying ‘just setting up my twttr’ as a unique digital signature on a portal called Valuables by Cent, where tweets can be sold as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Currently the highest bid for his tweet is $600000. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, US Rapper Jay-Z Set Up Endowment ‘Btrust’ to Fund Bitcoin Development with Initial Focus on India and Africa.

Dorsey took to Twitter and shared the link of the market place where his tweet has been listed for selling. Though the earlier offers on the listing suggest that the tweet was first put up on sale in sometime around December. The Twitter CEO’s post that is on sale was made for Dorsey’s account in March 2006, the same year when the platform was launched.Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Likes a Tweet Asking for #FarmersProtests Emoji: Report.

Check Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet Here:    

The tweet marketplace ‘Valuables’ was launched in December and compares the buying and selling of Twitter posts with buying an autographed baseball card. On purchasing the tweet, the buyer will get an autographed digital certificate, signed using cryptography, that will include metadata of the original tweet.

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