Urfi Javed wore net pants without wearing anything inside; Fans sweat after watching the video

Urfi Javed, who keeps on rocking with her fashion, is once again in the news. This time Urfi Javed has created such a ruckus that people have been surprised. Her latest look has gone viral on social media within minutes.

Firstly, Urfi Javed has covered her entire face with a mask and underneath she is wearing bo*ld and open clothes from all sides. Talking about the second picture, she is seen wearing only a net. If you look suddenly, it will seem that Urfi Javed is not wearing anything.

By wearing a net all over her body, she has hidden her vital organs with very little clothes. Urfi Javed is not stopping and these pictures are creating a stir. Urfi Javed herself has shared these pictures with her fans on Instagram, which are going viral very fast.

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Urfi Javed has written the caption with these pictures, “What are you doing?” After this, as usual, people’s comments are coming out and going viral. One has written, “Have you taken the mask from Raj Kundra?”

One wrote, “What disgusting thing did you do to become Raj Kundra?” Another wrote, “Raj Kundra’s sister.” Another said, “So basically it’s a bra panty.” Many such comments are coming out. Urfi Javed is very active on social media and keeps sharing bo*ld videos with her fans every day.

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Urfi Javed’s fans eagerly wait for her looks. In such a situation, this beauty also does not lag behind in surprising her fans and keeps doing one wonderful experiment after another. For now, see this mask and net look of Urfi Javed which is going viral.